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How to share your commentary data

ipad-collaboration.pngWe’ve made sure that collaboration is as easy as possible with Customer Monitor by enabling you to download the data presented within the platform with a few clicks.

If you want to do your own analysis, or share your commentary data with key stakeholders, this is the simple process you can follow:

How to share your commentary

On All Comments, you are presented with two download options: Export this table, or Export all data.



Export this table downloads the data presented in the comments table, and only that information. In the case of All Comments, this would normally include:

  • The date of the survey
  • The name and email of the respondent
  • The NPS score of the survey
  • Associated comments
  • The number of surveys completed

Export all Data downloads all of the data presented in the table, plus all other associated data. When you want everything and the kitchen sink, use Export all Data. This includes everything included in the Export this table option, such as:

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Agent
  • Channel
  • Region
  • Transaction type
  • Additional custom fields

In either case, both of these options result in a downloaded CSV file that can be accessed through a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, or uploaded to a cloud software program such as Google Sheets.

This means that anyone has the ability to access the same data as you.


What’s next?

Your data downloads also take your selected segments into account. That is, if you Export all data or Export this table, and you have ‘female’ selected as a segmentation criterion, you will only get those people in your database identified as female.

You can use these filters and segments to get the exact data you want to share or analyse.


For more techniques on getting the most out of your Customer Monitor data, check out the rest of the CM documentation, or call your account manager directly.