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How to gauge your overall business health

Man-with-Phone-&-Tablet_1170x472.jpgYour overall business health can be found on the Dashboard, available immediately after you log in to Customer Monitor. This article contains everything you need to know in order to get a broad overview of your NPS and how it relates to your overall business health.

Firstly, look for the NPS dial, pictured below:


As a general rule in New Zealand and Australia, you should aim for an average of 30 to be considered up to standard. However, this will also depend on your individual industry fluctuations.

You should always benchmark your performance against others in your industry. You can find the appropriate industry scores here (for Australia) and here (for New Zealand).

What next?

My score is above the average

If your score is above the average for your industry, you are outperforming your competitors. However, there are always places to improve:

  1. Identify any major NPS red flags
  2. Find key NPS action points
  3. Check to see if there have been any recent comments to take note of
  4. Research previous NPS trends to find any patterns
  5. Investigate NPS engagement among your staff

My score is below the average

If you have a lower-than-average score, it’s time to dig deeper into what the problems are. You can do a lot of this without leaving the dashboard:

  1. Check the NPS breakdown graph.
    1. Do you have more passives than detractors? You may have an opportunity to convert them into promoters. Why is there an inconsistency in service for the passives? Check the Emerging Themes section to find out the difference between what the promoters are saying in comparison to the passives.
    2. Do you have a lot of detractors but very few passives? You should visit the Emerging Themes section to check the major problems mentioned by your detractors, as well as Key Improvements.

  2. Check the NPS trend graph. Has there been a particular point of time where you’ve received a significant number of detractions, or lost a significant number of promoters? Can this be linked to a change in the business?

  3. Check your MARCs. Are there a lot that have been unresolved? Has this number increased significantly lately?

  4. Check recent user activity. Have your staff been active in resolving your MARCs? If not, why not?

  5. Is there a specific segment that has a particularly low NPS score? This could be region, gender, age range, transaction type, etc.


These are just a few of the possible outcomes and options for getting a better NPS. For more information, get in touch with your account manager.