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How to find commentary from your most important customers

laptop-desk-notepad_1170x472.jpgSegments are a valuable method to find weak points in your NPS. You can separate the information on any page by customer demographics, the channel they came through, the staff they interacted with, the products or services they purchased, and more.

In the All Comments section, segmentation lets you identify the pain points of your most-at-risk or your most valuable customers, products, staff, and more.



Access segmentation by selecting “Add more segment” to the “applied segmentation” area.



Tick the segments you would like to know more about. Note that you can apply more than one segment: you can find the comments only from women who used a certain broker, for example.



You can then get a broad overview of the NPS scores and commentary of the people you have selected, as well as the number of surveys they have actually completed.

For even more detail, search a specific customer’s name. This will give you an overview of their commentary to date, letting you learn more about their customer journey up to this point.


What’s next?

The insights from the All Comments section can show the differences in customer experience between your detractors, passives and promoters. This might include a supplier change, an underperforming product or service, or a direct drop in customer service as just a few examples.

From here, you can also visit NPS Breakdown to see the effects that this has had on your NPS, or navigate to the Emerging Themes section or Key Improvements to get a better idea of direct actions you can take. Your segmentation options will remain applied regardless of what page you navigate to after setting them.

Try comparing the commentary of different segments by adjusting the filters on these pages. Find the difference, and resolve it.

The response summary of all surveys performed by a single individual is unique to the All Comments section. It is accessed by searching a specific customer’s name.

If you have a particularly valuable customer within that underperforming segment, this can be a great way to resolve specific issues and retain your most valuable customers.


Segmentation is just one way to investigate your NPS commentary on a deeper level. Talk to your account manager, or browse the rest of the Customer Monitor documentation, for other useful techniques.