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How to check your customer loyalty

How-to-check-your-customer-loyalty.pngReturning customers are some of the most valuable customers any business can have. Loyalty metrics are worth their digital weight in gold, but it can be tough to mine for them.

Customer Monitor makes it easy; let us show you how.



Navigate to the Retention section via the navigation bar to the left. It may be called something else on your navigation bar, in which case look for the icon below:



You will be presented with a screen like the one below, which includes a date range, segmentation options, retention filters, export options and a graph that represents the responses of people who have answered your selected retention question.


In this example, we have “how likely are you to renew your policy?” as the retention question. However, for your dashboard, you will likely have a different question that is unique to your business.

Regardless of the question, the graph operates in the same way. This can give you a broad overview of those who are the most loyal (highly likely or likely to return to using your services) and those who are the least loyal (highly unlikely or unlikely), as well as those who are somewhere in the middle (undecided).

For more detail, select one of the retention bars. This will expand your screen to include a table that is similar to those present in MARCs and MVPs. See below for an example.


This table contains the details of each individual respondent within the category you have selected, including:

  • Date of response
  • Name and contact details
  • Their latest NPS score
  • Their response to the reason why they gave the NPS score

This view gives you further detail on individual respondents and may provide some insight into why they have responded to the question of loyalty in the way they did.

You can also access this table through the Retention Filter options, which typically includes:

  • None
  • Highly Unlikely
  • Unlikely
  • Undecided
  • Likely
  • Highly Likely


However, do note that these areas can be customised, so your filters may be different.

Finally, you can use segmentation options to view the metrics for only those

  • in certain geographic area,
  • who worked with a certain agent,
  • of a specific gender,
  • of a specific age,
  • of a specific transaction type,

Just to name a few.


Your individual segmentation options will depend on your industry and use of Customer Monitor.

These steps will give you a broad overview of your customer loyalty.

Next steps


If you notice that you have a lot of promoters in your highly unlikely category, refer to this documentation for potential reasons why.


For more tutorials on making the most of Customer Monitor, access the rest of our documentation here, or contact your account manager for additional details.