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How to better understand your promoters

how-to-understand-your-promoters.jpgWhile many might focus heavily on reducing the number of Most At Risk Customers (MARCs) they have, there is a lot to be learned from your promoters as well.

By taking the time to understand them better, you can find your business strengths, discover what makes your top-performing teams so effective and get better detail on your most valuable markets.

You can do this through the Most Valuable Promoters (MVPs) section of Customer Monitor. Here’s how:



Once you’ve navigated to the MVP section, you will be presented with the following table:


This gives you details on:

  • Your MVPs’ names and contact details,
  • Their most recent NPS scores,
  • The reasons for their high score,
  • Their MVP status,
  • The number of days they have remained uncontacted, and,
  • Their promoter notes.


Analysing your comments

Begin by reading through the comments left by your promoters. Note any recurring themes; people may be mentioning that you have awesome service, or a particular employee’s name may occur a lot, or your response time might be rapid, or any of the other myriad things your business is doing well.

If you are noticing a particularly interesting trend that you’d like to explore further, head over to the Emerging Themes section for more detail. 

Filter by NPS score

Anyone who scores you as a 9 or a 10 will be defined as a promoter. You can filter between the 9’s and the 10’s by selecting the column titled NPS in the table within the MVPs section.

This may seem like a small difference, but the difference between a 9 and a 10 can be illuminating. For example, a full 10 score comment might simply say “perfect” and that’s it. A 9, on the other hand, maybe reveal the one thing you need to improve, such as “perfect, except for the slight delay in shipping”.

This gives you directly actionable insights that can push those who have had a single good experience into lifelong customers.

Apply segmentation

Segmentation is a global filtering system that can be applied across the Customer Monitor platform. This allows you to focus in on customers who share specifics traits, such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Transaction type
  • Agent used
  • Geographical location
  • And so on.

These segments will depend on your specific business needs. You can apply them to MVPs through the interface pictured below:


Try segmenting your customers to see who is getting the absolute best out of your services. You may find that those in urban centres are particularly happy, while there are very few promoters amongst more rural customers. Or, you could discover that a particular agent is generating an enormous number of promoters, or even a particular service offering or product.

Download all the data

If you want to share your MVP data, do your own analysis or access more detail that isn’t available directly on the MVPs section, you can do this by downloading the data, using one of the options pictured below:

Export this table downloads the data as it appears in the MVP table, while Export all Data downloads all the data available for each and every single one of your MVPs. That includes all of the segmentation options, their demographics, their latest NPS scores and so on.

Check the promoter notes

The promoter notes are notes left by your team during their interactions with this particular MVP, and can be accessed through the notepad button to the far right of the MVP table, pictured below.


This will give you deeper insights into how the promoter in question has reacted to you reaching out to them, perhaps for a testimonial if they haven’t already given you one, or to thank them for their high rating.

Next steps

The information you have now gathered can be used in a number of different ways, such as:

  • Finding your strengths and capitalising on them,
  • Uncovering your best teams and applying their practices to underperforming employees,
  • Gathering morale-boosting collateral,
  • Presenting a report to managers and/or investors; happy customers are a sign of success.

Getting to know your promoters better is a great way to understand your business and your customer base as a whole. So don’t just focus on the negative!


For more tips and tricks, get in touch with your account manager or check out the rest of our documentation here.