Customer Monitor Documentation Portal

How to better understand each customer’s journey

Two-people-working_1170x472.jpgIf you have a particularly valuable customer, or a customer who is at risk, you can get a better idea of their individual needs (and how you can meet them) through the All Comments section of Customer Monitor.


In All Comments, you will initially be presented with a table that lists every response to your surveys, along with the customer’s personal information, their most recent NPS score and how many surveys they have responded to so far.


To find your individual respondent, search for their name in the find a specific respondent search bar. This will present you with every survey they have completed so far, and the associated NPS scores and commentary for that response.



Once you have found them, check their NPS score, presented either in green (promoter), yellow (passive) or red (detractor). This is their most recent NPS score, and if they only responded to a single survey, their only NPS score.

For some customers, this is where your analysis ends: with only one response recorded, you can see their individual comments immediately in the filtered table. Read their commentary, and action appropriately (see below for recommended actions).

This will give you an overview of all of their commentary up to this point — and therefore their overall customer experience journey with you so far.


What if I don’t have a specific customer in mind?

Consider navigating to the MARCs section to find your most-at-risk customers, or alternatively discussing with your team on which customers are the most valuable and should ideally be retained.

Alternatively, for a broader look at the overall themes expressed by your customers, navigate to Emerging Themes (for commentary) or Key Improvements (for direct key improvements).


What’s next?

If you find that your individual’s journey is marked by a negative experience i.e. their recent NPS are low, you should navigate to MARCs and check to see if they are counted among your MARCs and have been resolved successfully.

If the journey is negative or passive i.e. their journey started off with a passive score and hasn’t improved since then, you should navigate to Emerging Themes to find the differences between the experience of your promoters and your passives/detractors. You can also find recommendations for improvement from your customers by searching through the Key Improvements table.

If the journey has been positive, you should navigate to the MVPs section to see if they have provided you with a testimonial. If not, request one: you can also find this information in the Extra Questions section, if you have included a testimonial-focused question in your NPS survey.



This is a great place to get started with your customer journey, but consider asking your account manager for more tips, tricks and techniques as well.